The Home Building Adventure:  Part II

The Home Building Adventure - Part I (1999) was a blast. However the big town of Manheim just got too populated and noisy for us, so we've moved back to the Schubert family farm in Fedor and we're doing it all over again. This time we're building much farther back in the woods, so hopefully we can stay here a while :)


Foundation dirt work


Foundation forms set up
 10-02-2005 More dirt work
 10-04-2005 Foundation smoothed and watered
 10-11-2005 Ronnie checking measurements
 10-18-2005 Plumbing begins
10-21-2005 Plumbing nearly finished
11-08-2005 Beam spaces dug out
11-09-2005 Plastic in place, some rebar laid 
11-11-2005 Foundation Day!
11-14-2005 1st day of framing . . . rooms East of the great room
11-15-2005 2nd day of framing . . . rooms West of the great room
11-16-2005 3rd day of framing . . . just beginning the roof
11-17-2005 4th day of framing . . . a little more roof
11-18-2005 5th day of framing . . . some OSB on the walls
11-21-2005 6th day of framing . . . some house wrap
11-22-2005 7th day of framing . . . beginning of the great room
11-23-2005 8th day of framing . . . great room taking shape
11-28-2005 9th day of framing . . . more great room action
11-29-2005 10th day of framing . . . lots of roof decking
11-30-2005 11th day of framing . . . roof partly tar-papered
12-01-2005 12th day of framing . . . roof papered, rock & windows arrive
12-03-2005 13th day of framing . . . some window installation
12-05-2005 14th day of framing . . . more windows & doors installed
12-07-2005 15th-16th day of framing . . . windows & doors nearly complete, fireplace started
12-31-2005 Assorted things:  rock...wiring...insulation...driveway
01-08-2006 More exciting wiring and insulation
01-16-2006 More rock, wiring, and insulation, plus an "Adventures With Foam" bonus section
01-22-2006 Exterior and interior rock work finished, and roof is completed 
01-29-2006 A few random shots of staining and cleaning up the construction waste 

Feb 2006

We were sick for most of February. Took a break to recuperate. (It was too miserably cold to work, anyway)
Mar 2006 Back to work! Caulking....staining....foaming... oh so much excitement
Apr 2006 The last of the windows built and installed!
May 2006 Playing in the dirt, wiring, planning the tool room shelving  
Jun 2006 Building the tool room shelving, adventures in tiling, mulching and picking gutter colors  
Jul 2006 Finishing the little bathroom, installing septic tanks  
Aug 2006 Ronnie installs pine walls on the back porch
Sep 2006 Ronnie installs pine walls and trim on the front porch. Mary Ann gets easily distracted
Oct 2006 A few of the furnishings we're working on, and the elephants that ate Fedor
Nov 2006 Attic stairs, tool room, bathtubs, and a few more of the furnishings we're working on  
Dec 2006 A special Christmas gift
Jan 2007 Attic finishing, wiring & insulating, decisions, decisions
Feb 2007 Doors, plants, plumbing, mulching, gas line, neat tools
Mar 2007 Bob and Frances come to help us make headway on garage and porches
Apr 2007 Building on Higher Ground
Dec 2007 Completion of insulation, sheetrock and pine walls  NEW